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a thank you at Valentine’s

Thank you for all that you do. .

 I know you will always be true.

In times of trouble, you , friend lend a hand.

You may not even understand

For your small helps are huge to me

See….I find my friends become my family.

There will be days to come 

Perhaps you cannot find the sun

Just remember there are still

Good people out in this world

Be kind, be true, be thankful.

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it’s a wrap…..see ya next year!

This year wrapped up

Not quite in a pretty bow

Stuck together with scotch tape

Oh now I am running late……..


Off to the library one more time

Jot a note to post and rhyme

See if my pals do get my comments

It is nice to know

Some one out there still does go

to this blog and now as well

Have you been to wp-1482884980877.jpg my newest one as well???????!!!!

Thanks all my new neighbors! It has been a ride this year now let’s keep on blogging everyone! See my newest site and newest challenge idea, it is no pressure to just have fun learning and blogging 😀 happy new year


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Where did November go?

I try to blog more and now have the other blog over here ☺so that is where you will find my challenge for 

Ice , nose, mittens, excitement,   see my recent post here at This N That With Me …..share your ideas as story, poem or picture! Join in I. Miss y’all  😀 
















                                      X marked









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Better Late Than Never: A Collaboration About Computers


A few moons ago, in a  class on blogging university…………there was an assignment for collaborating with a neighbor blogger. This FINALLY  is the attempt to combine my questions and   answers as well as input from neighbor Colette (below as CB) over at, CLICK HERE TO VISIT HER At The Wishing Well she has there……… for the topic of Computers then and now.  {Just a little editing, hardly any changes, CB you did great and I apologize this is a year later oh well Better Late than NEVER! 🙂


Sitting here, thinking back, I was probably asking ,

” What are those cards you brought home from work?” ” Oh here you go, some punch cards to play with. They use them at work on the computer”. Intro to computers complete. They use cards and they punch………hmmmm.


Enjoying my coffee here on the porch, I puzzle in my mind what was the Next step. Aha, it was the little gizmo. It was about the size of the tablet today, but we put a cassette in the player, hooked  it up to TV and played frogger ……….oh now that was a game….hmmmm these computers were pretty strange.


Got to go get some more coffee,.commodore-160186_640

I think Commodore 64 must have been popular as we had one and I encountered it again when I got married.

It has a big keyboard and can go on the TV too! I do remember these BASIC commands were in a list in the magazines……….type them and if you did it right you had a game to play.


I really wonder what my neighbor blogger across the way is up to, oh here I see her walking to the porch.

HELLO! Just been Daydreaming here about computers…..So


#What is your first memory about computers?


I was about thirteen I think, maybe a little older (maybe 1982 to 1983 – ish) They were this unknown strange thing we suddenly had a couple of at school. A handful of the boys in the top maths class were chosen to study them – and no other kid was allowed anywhere near, like top secret, these old basic BBC units. I couldn’t see what the fuss was about, to me they were just typing and seeing your words on a screen like “I love Dave” or whatever. I only learnt that much about them by visiting WHSmith (store) and using the display computers.


#What was your first one called? Or did you have one at home, and how much memory?


My son was five before we bought our household’s first computer. It was a second-hand Sinclair ZX Spectrum (128, I think). It was one of those you hooked to TV and put a tape in. That was about 1993. My son would do his homework while it took forever to load the screen and hopefully not crash and need reloading. Fox on the run was one of his favourite games. After doing his homework he could then play a game. I learnt (once or twice)how to programme a ball to bounce from the manual. My son learnt to read better for the motivation of reading the game dialogue while playing.


#I took computer in high school here in the U.S. , did you take any computer classes? If so what kind?


In, I think 1999, now about 30 years old, we had local community classes nearby to my home. I did a basic word-processing class for 10 weeks (about 20hrs total learning time, max, I was absent a lot!) I also tried a similar desk-top publishing beginners course. I learnt on my own from there. I’d had a little self-taught foundation but Windows didn’t make proper sense to me until those classes. I also tried to start an Open University course about the internet but I couldn’t manage the intensity of so much new information, nor the forums and distance to travel to tutorials, so gave up. I read some of the material in my own time. The only unit I covered well was about internet and intranet and the different types of network: star, ring, linear. That came in really useful when in later years I had my own internet computer, my partner had his AND their was a family one too. I was able to network them all myself. (My ex was a bit hopeless and always had to call a friend, but those same friends of his had shown me how to replace things like my modem and other components. I even built my windows98 computer myself and still have that.)              (SarahC says WOW!!!!)


#Way back in 1995 I studied at the tech school, had to not lose my floppy disks. What are your favorite memories of pre-Windows or Early Windows computing?


Oh I just love floppy disks! I wish current technology used them – so handy for a text file archive in comparison to managing folders – and I have lots of old files on floppy disk I’d like to have accessed for writing 101 archival task. Favourite memories? I think I should dig out of my archives some things I can access from around these very early days and make you a dedicated post on that


# WHAT do you have for your blogs? Any dinosaurs lurking in the corner?


Dinosaurs? Apart from me? Oh yes! I still have my first portable personal computer, bought secondhand from a friend. It’s an Amstrad PPC (I can’t remember the number – but still have it and the manual and disks. it was MS Dos and I still remember very basic commands like chkdsk and not to ‘format c:’… Unfortunately a tiny wire to the screen needs soldering or something – I’m not able to do that sort of DIY fix-it very sadly. I might learn one day but I’ll probably phone a friend when I find his lost number!


I thought i could continuing online learning better and try to develop some skills while stuck at home ill so much. I’d already blown my savings on a tablet to find it’s too heavy to hold, quite slow and cumbersome, causing me problems to use it, though to an extent everything does – but not quite so bad these days thankfully. Without it I wouldn’t have managed all this fun with learning with you Sarah and our other classmates in blogging101 and writing101. So that loan’s worth every penny of interest I’m still paying from more borrowed money to live on… big oops – but it was a really good bargain price – I do wish it had been as good a bargain as $10 mind. bit daft too because I have two netbooks that both could have been repaired for less but I want to be able to work somehow from home online within the next two years.


What’s that? You are a computer whisperer too sometimes! I am but not for hardware. I can get them go again, but not wires, or cables or magic like that.Certainly not building anything.  When I started thinking to have this collaboration there was a dinosaur,, since then he is a Linux dinosaur with a kaput, pffft   monitor. And the 10 dollar wonder laptop well it got very hot and kept rebooting or doing nothing. The win 7 Young Dinosaur is still kicking as I attempt to Finally be putting this Collaborative up for us Colette from whichever Class that was?!


I recently got off into the Kindle Fire world as my goofy posts on my blog have shown. Still have a Prontotec android that works………. temperamental since some of the Parts of the screen you can tap all day and nothing happens.Finally have a working smartphone which does show me if I have readers LOL. . It is a learning curve, and  I do like to go to this library I found and use their computer for the blog. Apps on the Kindle sometimes are lacking I think, guess I am a dinosaur and prefer the old monitor computer setup to write my blog. So now I am trying a different way to maximize my library visit: transfer the files duh.( even saw how to Email the post ha…….. I am slow sometimes!)


The classes I took never amounted to much but I did learn a wee bit of patience……….to think that there are so many options since Word-star and Word-press, Excel, yadda yadda……………



I learned to type in Typewriter class so that has been helpful lol.   I try to fix things as long as it is not the hardware. It still amazes me that my thumb drives have so much GB of storage and even now the silly phones too!


NOTE:  Without free wireless and public library I would have no blog going on so for those I am thankful, The data plans are a pain but i can check in to see if ANYONE read this lol!!!!

Hey thanks for stopping by hope this wasn’t totally boring I can ramble on about computers.

Just a little editing, hardly any changes, CB you did great and I apologize this is a year later oh well Better Late than NEVER! 🙂

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You’ve got Mail or Not


Do you send Christmas Cards or holiday cards or birthday greetings?


Social media has taken over!

I find it funny that we think we are greeting and meeting and ‘knowin’ whassup with each other……when you have to use the digital means to get your snail mail address to someone who actually Wants to send Christmas holiday greeting card via old mail.


There are so many ways to catch up, I ended up commenting to get an email that worked to send the info then it became apparent too much time had passed……….where are you living? they asked! Um I just sent the address so that is where. But do we see it this way? Ah, we are all roaming around on social media and that is sort of where we think that we See people………so do we know Where they are?

I love the blogs cuz it doesn’t matter Where You Are


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Reading Kindle style

Wow I discovered my overflow of downloaded ebooks was causing a storage issue. Looking over the nearly year of downloaded ebooks was interesting…….. Sci fi, cozy mystery, mystery, thriller, how to, historical, poetry, western, literally This and That!

I didn’t know what a cozy mystery was a year ago. Now the relaxing somewhat silly stories I have enjoyed to pass the time,relaxing after work.  Best books have been the thriller/mysteries however since free Kindle books are my first choice. Free Westerns have not been as good as my old paperbacks. Using bookbub is great to find freebies and 1.99 or 2.99 specials on very good reads.

I know I topped the 100 I read last year. When I had internet good reads was a site I liked for counting up and tracking what I read. I no longer use it as my list on kindle is most of 2016 books read. A large stack of paperbacks grew from 50cent books found over weekly library visits. Supported library book sale rack for sure! ☺ 

Best present ever…..Kindle fire.

Library to go, games on seven inch screen way better than smart phone, email app, WordPress app, social media app. Camera! I have learned a lot of This and That since unplugged from internet and off on job adventure. 

Catch up time on This N That

TV free on air

Yes you can get TV free! I was given a small HD TV with a DVD slot. My computer speakers fixed the sound, one $10 antenna and voilà! Helps I am near a city and can get local network news, movies channel, METV has the oldies from Andy Griffith to MASH to Hogan’s heroes and more! Watching world series first time in years and election stuff ….and now to remember what NCIS is on which nights!!!!☺ 

Just a rambling visit ……  

Trying to find the best way to follow my neighbors

I put a few in separate email to try to go back and read. My app grabs you I followed but sometimes the app reader is lacking as I cannot Jump online any ole time. I miss the classes …without them I would have had no blog or any following lol!  How is it now? Just email? I saw something on classes changed.    

My two year sign up anniversary ….I signed up while on another site’s free membership. This month This N That With Me  hits 18 months just toddling along. If you are new and read this far,thanks,and don’t lose hope! This hobby of mine I have met three I consider very good neighbors and many more great blogging pals I check on here and there when I can.